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You can kill a Revolutionary, but you can't stop the revolution

    ɳɛw Elder Ranking


    ɳɛw Elder Ranking Empty ɳɛw Elder Ranking

    Post by Guest on Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:49 pm


    A newer addition to our guidelines in RR, you may have or may have not known about the elder rank (xXx).

    Not long ago it was decided we are not going to allow members to become an elder upon joining Risen Revolution (even if you had a previous character or something of that nature beforehand).

    Instead, you (the character) must select a rank and go through the same stages. (ex: recruit --> low tier). Even if you have a disability, it's required from now on to full-fill a status inside the ranks for at least the time span of a month OOCly.

    If you have/had a character that is currently at the stage of Elder, no, this rule will not apply to you, however from here on it is set in motion.

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