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    ɳɛw Blocking Rule

    Abelina Formose
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     ɳɛw Blocking Rule Empty ɳɛw Blocking Rule

    Post by Abelina Formose on Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:14 pm


    After some discussion in Risen Revolution's Council, we have come to the decision that no one in the pack should be blocking anyone else in the pack.

    While we understand that it's likely to contain and attempt to reduce drama, it also limits certain pieces of the pack. For example, it might interrupt roleplay and training, and also make things confusing for several parties.

    We ask that if you have anyone in the group blocked that you unblock them. This will be put into effect as of now, and anyone who cannot follow it will receive consequences as a result.

    Thank you for understanding,

    RR council

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