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You can kill a Revolutionary, but you can't stop the revolution


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    Post by Thanatos Ausdin on Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:26 pm

    All original ideas created in the name of Risen Revolution and the founding of the group is credited to [c] Calvary/Thanatos.

    All collaborative efforts and assistance, as well as ideas for the group is credited to [c] Akerious, RustyxBuckets, Panzramic, CarnivalFair, FireMoonWolf, Hungrier, and all others involved in the creative process of Risen Revolution.

    Please do not copy, replicate, or use the name of the group unless given permission by the founder. If caught stealing these ideas or using a closely related name will be dealt with accordingly. Do not claim Risen Revolution as your own, as all founding products of Risen Revolution belong to Thanatos/Calvary. Some formulated ideas come from some of the collaborative efforts of many people.

    Please PM Thanatos/Calvary if desiring to use the ideas, ranks, rules, or traditions from Risen Revolution.

    I bow to no soul,
    for my heart does not want it.
    And if my heart does not want it,
    my mind won't want it too.

    I bow to no soul,
    for my eyes do not want it.
    And if my eyes do not want it,
    my feet won't want it too.

    I bow to no soul,
    for my body will not do it,
    And if my body will not bow,
    then my heart will not bow too.

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