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    Inactives List

    Thanatos Ausdin
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    Inactives List Empty Inactives List

    Post by Thanatos Ausdin on Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:28 am

    Here is a list of all the inactives kicked on 1.31.15 at 10:15 am PST

    Those highlighted in Blue are ones that will be returning/have returned.
    Those highlighted in Red will not be joining back/ or will join back near future.

    Ventum Xx
    Moth Xx
    Zed x
    Xi Xx
    Stefan Xx
    Zero Xx
    Pilot Xx
    Walon Vau Xx
    Kavindra Xm I
    Orchid x
    Elphaba Xx
    Ardoreum Xx
    Revolver Xx
    Ivashti Xx
    Reticent Xx
    Tyranny Xx
    Civixx Xx
    Hauvergi x
    Pim x
    Aedan x
    Kilvana Xx
    Extractia Xx
    Renegada Xx
    Penny Xx
    Aventador Xw I
    Rhaze Xx
    Aither x
    Suiren x
    Fawn x
    Abigail x
    Rizo x
    Horatio Xm I
    Imperial Xm I
    Raji Xs I

    If you see your character on this list, and were kicked, please hop online at the most convenient time and catch online the following people:

    Abelina (XA)

    Zyanya (XXAA)

    Anarchy (XXA)

    Omaira (XA)

    Xyxia (XXAA)

    Rowen (x)

    If you catch us online, or any other member, notify them you were kicked and would like to be brought back in if you truly want to be back in. Or post on the website your reason of absence and we will get you back in right away!

    Thank you.

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